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Image: Chris Brignola on Unsplash

The law of attraction states that positive thoughts lead to positive results, and negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes, according to the principle that like attracts like.

It operates on the idea that the energy of your thoughts manifests your experiences.

The central universal principles of the law of attraction are:

The present is always perfect: This principle emphasizes improving the present moment, which may sometimes seem flawed. Instead of feeling dread or unhappiness, one should focus on what brings happiness.

Like attracts like: This principle asserts that similar things attract each other, meaning people attract energy that is similar to their own.

Nature abhors a vacuum: This principle focuses on eliminating toxic elements from your life to make space for positive things. It is based on the notion that a completely empty space in your mind and life is impossible. Therefore, it should be filled with positivity.

You can use the law of attraction to create your own reality. What you focus on is what you draw into your life. It can be applied in the workplace to achieve professional goals.

However, it’s a misconception that merely thinking positively about your career aspirations will lead to positive changes.

The key is to use your long-term goals to make specific and concrete changes in the present, taking steps toward those goals.

The law of attraction encourages shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, focusing on gratitude for what you want to have specifically.

Many believe this law aligns God and the universe with our wishes. When used effectively, the law of attraction can also positively impact mental health.

"Our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviors, so we need to be mindful of the words we use when speaking to ourselves. Our self-talk can become our reality," explains Rachel Goldman.

"And if we are feeling good, that shows! When we feel good about ourselves, we present ourselves differently and attract others with similar energy."

One can practice the law of attraction through journaling, creating a mood board, and practicing acceptance.