A pair of platform heels
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History always repeats itself and this stands true in the world of fashion. A fashion cycle takes 20 years to repeat itself.

When creating a new collection fashion designers are more often than not inspired by trends that are centuries old.

For those that saw them firsthand, past fashion trends have a special significance that stirs up feelings of emotion and for those who were not present in that era, they have a great urge to relate to the past and take part in a wider cultural conversation.

The re-emergence of fashion in the present enables us to celebrate the distinct cultural history of each era, connecting to generations and preserving it for the future.

These trends have the power to go beyond time and evoke feelings, create a sense of connectedness on a personal and global scale.

Below are old fashion styles that have transcended into 2023;

  • Platform heels

Crafted with thicker base under the sole, platform shoes were first worn in the ancient Greece to increase the height of popular characters in the Greek theatre.

The more important the character, the higher the platform heels were. The was to make sure the leads of the act could be viewed better because of the elevation provided by the heels. 

The shoe has since evolved into 2023 through multiple subcultures which have created multiple varieties of platforms which are in form of loafers, boots, sneakers, and sandals 

Today people can wear the shoe with a range of clothes depending on your style of choice.

  • Flared jeans
A photo of a woman wearing the trendy flared jeans
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Earlier known as Bell Bottoms history records them being first worn by sailors in the year 1812.

Their wide bottom made it easier for sailors to roll up their trousers in the presence of water.

Bell Bottoms entered the fashion world in the early 1920's through innovative stylings of French designer Coco Chanel.

She revolutionized the fashion industry of that era by taking women out of constricting corsets and dresses and putting them in wide-legged trousers 


Today the fashion worldwide has embraced wearing bell bottoms, now called flared jeans. The flared jeans are undeniably nostalgic and a contemporary trend.

  • Mini bags
A photo of a cute mini bag
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In the 18th Century, a small bag was considered elegant and of high rank because it could only be used to carry money.

The purses were of a unisex nature and resembled contemporary wallets more so than the bag's we are accustomed to.

A bag was only really useful for storing items like winnings from the casino.

Later in the 1870's is when designers made the bag more profound by creating different depiction's of it .

Today the mini bags are back to being the it thing as they enable one to move easily, their less to carry and less to worry about.

  • Oversized everything - T-shirts, Pants
A photo of a girl wearing an oversized T-Shirt
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If worn correctly oversized clothing can be stylish and sophisticated. In the early '90s, designer labels including Gucci, Moschino, Chole, and Balenciaga displayed collections featuring oversized T-shirts, tunics, skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses on the runway.

Hip Hop rappers also embraced the style in the 2000's which became a fashionable trend till 2010.

Today fashion standards are being broken by oversize, which also makes clothing comfier.

One no longer has to stress about fitting into a dress while indulging in their favorite dessert. 

  • Grunge fashion
A photo of girls in Grunge wear
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Grunge was first acknowledged by the fashion industry in the 1990s. This is when grunge-style clothing was widely worn on the streets and new boutiques began to develop as a result of its popularity.

The States quickly adopted the grunge streetwear trend, which featured worn out shirts with outdated logos, boots and baseball caps.

The sense of style has again slowly crept in and is popular among the Generation Z.