Mike sonko saumu mbuvi

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has revealed that his daughter Saumu is expecting a baby girl.

Saumu has been dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip since last year, and she says he is happy and excited about the pregnancy.

The two were bests friend before they officially started dating. In a previous interview with Word Is, the mother of one said she did not know the gender of her child.

Mike sonko saumu mbuvi

Sonko threw a lavish birthday party on Tuesday to celebrate life upon turning year older, which was attended by family and friends.

‘To my dearest dad…’ Saumu Mbuvi sends Mike Sonko adorable birthday wish

Sonko posted photos of himself with family and said he is glad because an additional granddaughter is on the way.

“As I thank God for another additional year on my life and as one of the youngest grandfathers, I’m so so glad that my grand Dorraa Sasha will soon have a kid Sis,” he wrote

Saumu Mbuvi