Sandra Dangote aka Mama Dangote was once a woman in love.

This week has been all about the Dangote’s and just when we were trying to digest Diamond and Tanasha’s break up, Mama Dangote and her man, Uncle Shamte are no longer together.

So many haters called her out for having relations with her boyfriend, Uncle Shamte who is younger than her. She has been named a cougar and blasted out on social media but that did not stop her then from loving him.

The two stopped hiding their relationship a few years ago and since then, they have been posting photo’s of each other looking so cute. Clearly love in the Dangote home was hot and brewing. From Queen Darlin to Diamond to Esma and their mother is not being left behind.

In as much as Mama Dangote’s ex is back in their lives, the three were cordial as seen during Naseeb Junior’s 40th birthday.

Drama! Mama Dangote, Sandra savage reply to her mans ex

A fan asked her where he is after his thorough investigations revealed that Mama Dangote no longer posts her manz.

“Uncle shamte yuko wapi?” He asked

She did not hesitate to answer they have broken up. The person asked,


So many breakups in one family hopefully each of them will heal because heartbreaks actually physically hurt.

Here are photo evidence of the fallen love between Mama Dangote and Uncle Shamte below:


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