Khloe Kardashian remained silent over her falling out with Jordyn Woods after her BFF betrayed the family by kissing Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Now Kylie Jenner is speaking up for the first time about the scandal that has left her older sister heartbroken.

In a new trailer for KUWTK, Kylie, 21, acknowledges her long-time friend had indeed made a mistake.

She f**ked up

The cosmetics businesswoman can be seen saying, as she deals with the fallout from the kiss.

Kylie is clearly conflicted over the painful situation, a falling out Kris Jenner compares to the end of a marriage.

For you and Jordyn it’s like a divorce,‘ Kris says.

Kylie remains caught in between her family and her best friend, and the situation is obviously weighing heavily on her.

Just know I love you,’ she tells Khloe.

The aftermath is just as real and painful for Khloe, who is beginning to come to terms with the fact a trusted member of her inner circle had kissed her boyfriend.

Khloe is in despair as she screams at her cell phone, ‘LIAR!’, while her friend Malika Haqq provides emotional support.

‘I’m not just a TV show,’ a tearful Khloe explains. ‘This is my life.’ 

Jordyn is now estranged from the Kardashian family after it emerged she shared a kiss with Tristan at a party back in February.

Even hearing about the scandal was tough on the family.

‘I was drunk…’ Jordyn Woods admits Tristan kissed her on the lips

Her legs were like, in between his legs,’ a voice can be heard explaining, as Kris is seen fanning away tears.

‘I am broken by so many things,‘ Khloe laments.

The pain is difficult for the family to watch: ‘One day she’s just going to explode,’ Kim remarks.

The Jordyn-Tristan kiss is not the only source of drama this coming season, as the preview teases a feud between Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner.

Daily Mail.