Nyashinski has maintained his position at the top of the music charts after releasing yet another song dubbed Hello.

The beat was produced by Ogopa DJs and his fans are not complaining. The visuals were direced and shot by Justin Campos.

After getting back to the country two years ago, he has been releasing hit after hit, among them Malaika, Hayawani and the recent KEBS. His collabo with Sauti Sol Short and Sweet was also not bad at all.

“If you don’t listen to Kenyan music, you are missing out on magic. I can’t imagine dying without having some Nyashinski in your playlist. Even God won’t forgive you,” Wrote Oganga Khadudu



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Another fun commented, “Shinski huyo video vixen ameweza, I donโ€™t care about the song but huyo vixen ashawin heart yangu song itakuja baadaye. Sasa hiyo ndio formula, Naija na Sa wanashindia Kenya hapo. Kuanzia leo tumia wasichana hot Kama pasi moto hautafail. Cheers shinski!”

“No naked women, no stupid parties, no copying Western style kinda music, no shouting, just quality. Quality and clean video, quality sound and voice, quality message, quality original Kenyan vybe. Nyashinski is so underrated.”

Here are some more comments from his Youtube fans and critics.

Brian Greatah: Nyashinski ndo hukuwa saviour Wa Kenyan Local scene,most are trying to emulate the naija sector

Obey Naf: I watched this song with my bestie now she’s my wife.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

black diamond: From Naks miauuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Kila time octo akitoa ngoma three days after lazima king amfunike…who else have observed motooooooo.


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Most Viral: You are very predictable, zero talent,just overrated ๐Ÿšฎ.

Martin Mulama: The song is good, but a little more creativity, lyrically, would have made it better. Chorus belongs to a hit song, but the verses, a let down to those of us who enjoy your style (your word play is way better than what we have got here).

Geoffrey Embasa: As a pastor I think this man has some decency both in this secular lyrics and video presentation.I wish young men cld follow his path.

Do you agree with the critics or with the fans?

Watch the music video below


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