Ringtone clearly walks with angels -and they are some of the most hardworking guardian angels around given Ringtone’s propensity to create enmity with other Kenyan artistes.

This time around, they have protected him from any harm when a vehicle he was travelling in overturned.

The accident happened somewhere in Peponi Springs and from the video what is clear is that he walked away without as much as a scratch.

Over the weekend that was, it rained rather heavily in the area and this usually causes poor visibility and slippery roads so this probably explains the situation.

This news comes at the same time we’re hearing about an accident involving Kevin hart whose classic car was completely totalled but thankfully, after undergoing surgery, his close friends and families are reporting back that doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Kevin Hart undergoes surgery, set to make full recovery

We at Kiss 100 are happy both of these celebrities are safe and will be making full recoveries -respectively.