The fashion world is slowly evolving and we have witnessed some of the craziest trends in 2017. But that has not stopped anyone from looking stylish.

Looking good creates a very beautiful image on right about everyone and anyone would want to interact or rather converse with someone who looks put together and knows how to dress their body.

Male celebrities not only in Africa have proved that they being stylish is the way to go and I wont lie. Women love to drool over male who are fashion forward.

Fashion: Here Is What The Shoes You Wear Say About You

Everyone has his or her own taste when it comes to fashion and what one might think is over the top trendy might not be the same case with someone else.

Some of our very own African hunks have proven that one can look on right about anything, be it pants and a shirt or well tailored suit.

Here is a list of men whom we believe have been stylish this year;

1. Idris Sultan

2. Jamal Gaddafi

3. DJ Sadic

4.Shaffie Weru

5.Diamond Platnumz

6.Sauti Sol

7. Daniel Weke

8. Otile Brown

9. Larry Madowo

10. Hope Kid

11. King Kaka

12. Willy Paul

13. Nick Mutuma

14. Mike Makori

15. Eddie Kirindo

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