Obinna reveals the pain of dealing with beggars in your DM's

Normal people are making a disability a hustle

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

This Monday morning Obinna and Kwambox were sharing the scam that fake beggars are pulling. 

The beautiful host was explaining how on Thika road one may think they are doing a good deed when they come across the street beggars, especially the ones that are physically disabled.

In the midst of feeling good about yourself for giving back to the community, what you do not see is the beggar who is not disabled anymore walking away.        


"Thika viwete wanatembea, vipofu wanaona, viziwi wanaskia," she said.

The fake beggars have received a warning from the Thika West Deputy County Commissioner Mbogo Mathioya.  

He assured that his office will not hesitate to intensify the crackdown to take them off the streets.


It was disclosed by some of them that they make over Ksh 300,000 in a month.

Mbogo pleaded with traders of disability tools to refrain from selling them to just anyone.

This will not empower the fake beggars to earn an honest living. 

"How will they know if the beggars are real or fake?" Obinna asked.

He continued to say that fake baggers are not the ones they should mostly be worried about but the ones that show up in one's DM's.  

"The people they should be worried about are the beggars who are not in the streets, but the ones who are in our DM's," said Obinna.

He shared that DM beggars come to you asking to be loaned Ksh 2,000.

They make a promise to return the money and this is where things go south. 

To make it worse these are normally friends, family members and relatives. 

"There is nothing painful like giving out money and then you find them at the club," Obinna voiced.

A couple of Kenyans do know the chest pain that comes from this.

Kwambox however said this is bound to happen if you lend someone money during the weekend.  

"But you give someone a loan on a Friday expecting what?" she stated. 

There are hustlers and then there are fake beggars.

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