Kwambox and Obinna

Kiss FM Presenter Oga Obinna opened up about his strange relationship with his dad.

Obinna said this on The Morning Kiss alongside Kwambox.

"My mum and I are best of friends. But for my dad, I don't remember the last time we spoke," he said

When asked whether he misses him, he said no.

Kwambox, on the other side, said she talks to her parents every day.

"We are tight and we have a great relationship."

This comes days after Xtian Dela's mother Reverend  Margaret Nyongesa appealed to Kenyans on the whereabouts of her son, whom she claims she has not seen in four years.

"He said he was very busy and since then I have never heard from him. He has blocked me. Wherever he is, let him know his mum wants to see him. Staying for four years without seeing your child is not easy," she told Sauti TV

"His name is Auther Mandela Nyongesa. Since 2019 he started disappearing, whenever I asked him to come home, he would say he was busy." 

Responding to his mother's allegations, Dela tweeted that he had tried committing suicide twice.

"After 16 years on Social media, I never thought it would consume my mental health. Kenya has the worst social media bullies on earth. It’s always “Fun” until Someone like Xtian Dela actually kills themselves!"

In another tweet, he wrote "There are 3 very important things in Life: The things you know. The things you know that you don't know. The things you don't know that you don't know. Get to know what you want to talk about first before you talk."

On February 2, he said he is still battling with mental health.

"...I am working on myself. Each and every day I get better. I might look strong, even post about mental health stories and look perfect but I am not. I’m still a work in progress. I’m just sharing my journey with you."