Talented Boutross Munene explains musical journey

"It has not been easy, I thought it would be but it's not, it comes with small fatigue," he shared.

Boutross Munene
Image: Instagram

Today morning the hits maker of "Angela" Boutross Munene opened up about his musical journey to Kwambox and Obinna.

The rapper revealed that he used to be called "Buti" when he was in school.

Kwambox praised him for his rapping skills and the way he performs effortlessly. 


"The way you rap it's like you are not even trying," she said.

Buti talked about how his musical journey has not been easy considering the fact that he expected it to be. 

"It has not been easy, I thought it would be but it's not, it comes with small fatigue," he shared.


As humble as he is, he would not say he has made it, he is looking to grow and gain more wisdom.  

The rapper's dream was to be a musician and not only did he become one, he also created a movement.  

"When I was young I wanted to become the person I am now." 

In the year 2018, the man started the 'sharp movement' which aims at providing a space for sheng artists. 

"The main agenda of starting it is to give people like us the opportunity to do sheng rap," he explained.

He created the movement because sheng rap is a genre that also needs to be recognized and appreciated just as the others. 

He expressed that many artist have tried to get into this specific game but did not last long. 

"Shrap wamekuja, wakapita and we are still here."

He continued to share how he thought getting fame was all that he needed. 

"I used to think getting recognized by a lot of people is the epitome, but there is more out there," voiced Buti.

The rapper does not easily get satisfied and with every step, he strives to build himself and his brand. 

Back in the day Wiz Khalifa and a couple of other rappers were his role model.

He only looked up to musicians because that is what he wanted to be. But as he grew older he realized not only musicians can be role models.

This made him become more diverse in those he chooses to emulate. 

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