Boutross Munene speaks: Leaked photos and his celeb crush

The rapper is taking legal action

Boutross Munene
Image: Instagram

The hit maker of "Story Ilianza" Boutross Munene shared more details on his leaked photos saying that he would be taking legal action.

The blogger Edgar Obare through his telegram channel was the one who shared Boutross's leaked photos. 

Buti agreed that they were his from 4 years ago.


"My team and I are pursuing the legal matters in a legal manner. I think the lawyers will see how best to handle the situation without affecting both brands."

He did not want to address it too much seeing that it does not bring forth anything to his life and segued into other areas of his life.

The rapper said that he values loyalty and has always been with the same people over the years,


"Loyalty is the reason I have the same same people, because when I get into trouble they don't ask question first, their priority is are you okay."

The man is still open to making new friends, he has a lot of love to give. For the new Angela remix with Konshens it was all thanks to G Money. 

"The collabo for Konshens we reached out to a few guys and then G Money made it happen so shout out to him," voiced Boutross.

His plan for this year is for his music to go further. 

"I am planning on doing international more, I want to take it outside, I want to get to that place they can put us in the same plain field."

His celebrity crush is the actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya.

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