Is it okay for your friend to date your ex? Obinna and Kwambox discuss

Your friend and your ex can end up dating each other

Kwambox and Obinna
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Is it okay for your friend to date your ex? Obinna and Kwambox discuss

Obinna and Kwambox had a heated conversation on, is it okay for your friend to date your ex? 

Without a doubt, Obinna expressed his distaste for a friend engaging with his ex. 

"It is an abomination, what will you be talking about with my ex?" he asked.

He continues to explain that as a friend if you are with his ex that means you have always found them better. 

"The minute you are with my friend it means you find them better."

Kwambox then shared her stance by saying the bro code should not apply much here.

Your friend and your ex can end up dating each other.

"This is what I think, how can you stop two people from falling in love?" she questioned. 

Obinna then countered back saying the chances of this happening is the reason why he does not introduce his person to his friends. 

"Avoid looking at each other, this is why I don't introduce my person to my friends." 

The man was wondering how will one spend time with their friend and their ex as an item.

"If you date my ex I can't hang out with you because we are now enemies, how are we supposed to hang out with each other?" Obinna asked.

Kwambox went ahead to say that whether the relationship is in progress or not they are not your property.  

"Me I think when you break up with someone they are now for the streets, they can fall in love with anyone even your family."

She then disclosed that she had a friend date her ex and they got along.

During that period they would spend time together the three of them without any altercations.

"What do you talk about, remember when we were together?" Obinna playfully said.  

After posing the above question he voiced that for his friend to end up with his ex it must have started way earlier. 

"If you date my ex it is either you two were together when we were still together, or you were planning to be together when we were together." 

For him, there is no way your friend will start dating your ex out of nowhere 'watu sio wajinga'. 

The gorgeous host finished off by voicing that the world is a small place, the same as the dating pool.  

"For me, I say do what makes you happy, if you feel as if you are uncomfortable tell your friend. There is a chance you know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody" she mentioned.  

Obinna does not agree with this and he has made his peace with that, if you are seeing his ex you also become an ex "birds of the same feather flock together" 

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