Obinna: I have had partners who tried to take their own lives

What do you do when your person is threatening to kill themselves?

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

This morning Obinna and Kwambox discussed about being in a relationship with a partner that threatens to unalive themself if you leave.

"What do you do when your person is threatening to kill themselves," asked Obinna. 

This conversation was sparked after a DJ Brownskin recorded a video of his wife, Sharon Njeri consuming poison at their own home.


The wife died last year and the video surfaced recently after it was claimed a friend leaked it.

Kwambox tried not to watch the video stating that she did not want to put the negative thought in her mind.

"Have you ever had a partner who threatens to kill themselves if you leave, how do you handle it?" Kwambox then questioned.


At this point, Obinna revealed that he had had partners who wanted to take their own lives.

"I have a partner who took 32 tablets of Amoxil. I have also had a partner that took a Shamballa," he said. 

Shamballas are some type of beaded bracelets that were popular back in the day and still are to some. He then explained how the partner would swallow them.

He went ahead to say that sometimes it is very hard to handle such sensitive situations, especially if they have threatened to do it before.

One could take it as a joke but sometimes it is real. 

"Most people right now are in relationships that they can't leave because they were told if you go that's it," stated Obinna. 

Kwambox advised that if one ever finds themselves in this situation, be it you are the one threatening or the one on the receiving end, you should speak to somebody about it.

She then opened the conversation to the public asking Kenyans if they have ever had a partner who threatened to kill themselves?

"Have you ever been with a partner who threatened to hurt themselves and what would you do about it?"

Comments on the Kiss Facebook page were as follows;

Luyundi Bintom Arskufu: Because the law is harsh on man, especially when dealing with the other gender, kindly have evidence like this man. Right now he could be in a police cell. I support what he did. What if he could struggle with her trying to stop her then she comes up with claims of assaults!!! 

Brian Barasa: If she decides to take her life then let her go mambo ya kubembelezana na nilikutongoza kitambo no

Prodj Pidi: She made her choice

Kwambox asked if asking a family member to intervene would be a good choice.

"How about reaching out to their family, why would someone want to end themselves because they are unable to cope with their emotional distress?"

Obinna then told her putting it out there will make the person go the extra mile with the said threats.

"And even if you run away they send you voice notes and videos saying it's happening," he explained. 

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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