Obinna thinks Daddy Owen would fit perfectly on Majic Mike's new song

The artists Garvey Royal and Saint P have taken a part in the challenge

Majic Mike
Image: Instagram

Chito and Obinna this morning discussed the Instagram challenge that gospel artist, Majic Mike, has come up with for his unreleased hit. 

Chito shared that the artist's trending challenge includes an open verse where he allows the public to throw in a verse after the chorus.   

The artist's Garvey Royal and Saint P have taken a part in the challenge and are killing it.   


Mike has been showcasing teasers for the yet-to-be-released hit, "We Ni Mungu" from a week ago.

He first gave a snippet of the beats to the song back in mid-February before sharing its chorus.  

Chito seems to think this is a strategy to market his song by letting other artists jump on it. 


When it comes to other artists doing an open verse on the song Obinna thinks Daddy Owen would be a good fit in it.

"I think Daddy Owen would fit best." 

He then says that his choice is based on the fact that the song has Owen's type of vibe.

Obinna then commented on how technology has done well by allowing people to show their potential as well as artists to share what they have through media platforms.   

He also expressed his thoughts about the challenge. 

"I think maybe he has not finished the song and he is looking for a collabo." 

Obinna voiced that it is just about the same thing Bien did with his hit "My Baby" featuring Ayra Starr.

After the song was a hit, Bien came up with a dance challenge for it.

A number of people have attempted to do the challenge including his band mate Savara and Blessed Njugush.  

To finish off, Obinna stated that artists may put an effort to jump onto the song for it to only come out with none of them featured. 

"You guys just jump on the song but when he is done doing it, you will see the magic, he might not have anyone in the song but him." 

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