Kenyan superstar Iyanni drops new single "Cheat On Me"

Iyanii is the Kenyan Asake

Image: Instagram

Kenyan superstar Iyanni has dropped a new single "Cheat On Me" today on The Morning Kiss.

Given that the singer's hits are mostly about alcohol, the hosts questioned him on if he drinks and how he ended up making that type of music.   

"I think I have created a good relationship with alcoholics, I found my niche in them but I do not limit myself, I am open to experimenting," said the artist.

He shared that people relating him with alcohol is not a problem to him, as long as one is drinking for their own pleasure. 

Kwambox then referred to Iyanii as the Kenyan Asake because his music is interactive as his.

Following this, Obinna asked the man if he feel he negatively impacts the younger generation. 

"If I was misleading the generation I wouldn't be where I am right now. I'm here to change that narrative so that I can pave the way for any artist who wants to sing about alcohol because not most are bold to do so," the artist shared. 

Iyanii explained that his songs are listened to in different parts of Africa, such as Congo, and may not understand what he is saying, due to his way of selling a certain type of vibe.  

"I'm selling something that is true and relatable to everyone, I am just here to sell a good vibe."

The hit maker of "Above The Head" disclosed why he moved from love songs to the type of music he currently does.  

"I did love song for a while but you can't do the same thing every day, that's what led me to do something new, that is when I did above the head," he voiced. 

He continued saying that making love songs worked for him but the minute he decided to try something new he prospered even more.  

I'm here to show that when one door closes another one opens, I stepped into another door, and BOOM."

Concerning his new single, he shared that the song speaks on the current society's way of dating.  

He also mentioned that the hit talked about stepping out of the relationship a little without crossing boundaries. 

"The song talks about the modern relationship where you are in a relationship but you are not satisfied. The video of the song is coming out today," Iyanii commented. 

The artist has received a lot of requests about touring the US, this is one of his plans next year alongside an album.  

"There is an album coming next year and it has so many features." 

The man himself is not in a relationship but he is searching.

"I'm single and I am looking for someone who is understanding and can love me." 

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