Kwambox and Obinna
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In today’s Morning Kiss, Kwambox and Obinna were curious to know what are the signs of dating in Nairobi.

Kwambok kickstarted the conversation with a question that says; 

“How do you know you are dating in Nairobi?”

The first point she explained is that men’s idea of expressing their interest in you is by introducing you to the nightlife.

 “His idea of dating is taking you to the club,” Kwambox said.

She followed that up by saying they will not call you by your name anymore, but instead, they will refer to you as “mama”.

Obinna seems to feel that this fits in just right.

He shares that in dating your person will call you all sorts of pet names, mama, baby girl, or shawty.

Obinna could not wait to give his list of how to tell you are dating a Nairobi lady.

And might I say he did not hold back?

His first way of identifying yes you are dating a Nairobi babe is that they will ask for fare.

“If you want to know you are dating a Nairobi girl she is going to ask for fare,” he vented.

Asking for favours was his next point of knowing you are engaging with a mama.

“If you want to know you are dating a Nairobi girl, she will ask you for favours.”

 He did not stop there, the man voiced how the babe will talk about how she is going through something and she needs money urgently.

You are the someone.

Obinna's last point on how to identify you are dating a girl from Nairobi is the fact that she will have a "bestie bestie".

“If you want to know she is a girl from Nairobi she has a bestie,” he stated.

If you are not conversant with “lugha ya mtaa” a bestie is a best friend of the opposite sex.

It is always said that the friendship is platonic and nothing is bound to go further.

But according to the majority of Kenyans, the situation does not normally look entirely platonic. 

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