Obinna finally discloses his 2 celeb crushes

The comedian's crushes are Kenyan women who have really made a mark on the entertainment scene

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

In today's morning Kiss, Kwambox and Obinna were curious to know each other's celebrity crush.

First and foremost, Kwambox posed a question, "Which Kenyan celebrity would you be so excited to meet?"

Their conversation was sparked when a Los Angeles Kenyan content creator, Stacey Roimen had the opportunity to meet celebrity singer, Rihanna in a supermarket.   


"How do you meet Rihanna in the supermarket and ask for a selfie, mimi I would have become Asap Rocky, I would have rocked that boat," Obinna commented.

Another celebrity that Obinna has on his wish list is the rapper Cardi B, the man cannot wait to meet her. 

His Kenyan celebrity crushes are Sheila Mwanyigha the singer and former radio presenter, Caroline Mutoko.


The guy expressed how intense his crush was for Sheila.

"When I was growing up I used to look at her and I was like huyu apa akioga nakunywa hiyo maji, she was so polished," he said.

When it comes to Caroline he could not even articulate his words, that is how deep it is.

With the conversation continuously getting intense, Kwambox decided to open it to the public to get to know more of who Kenyans fancy.  

One of the callers, Denis stated that Kwambox is his celebrity crush.

For the caller Esther it is the musician Nameless, and the one celebrity Frank would like to meet is the rapper Nyashinski.

Kwambox narrated the time she got to meet a prominent figure she is a big fan off.

"I had a chance to MC at an event and Eliud Kipchoge was there. When he saw me he turned and called my name, he knows my name," she went on.

Obinna then decided to also share his moments when he met Raila Odinga and the president, William Ruto.

"First time I met baba I was at Serena," he said.

He continued to explain that when he was heading to the bathroom he ran into baba and he did not know what to say or do. 

"I didn't say nothing, I froze, he passed," Obinna continued.

Raila made the first move by saying hi to him, he even called him by his name which in turn got Obinna excited. 

He also met Ruto for the first time at his place, this was during the time he carried him with the wheelbarrow. 

"He is such a chilled dude, we did the wheelbarrow TikTok and it went viral," explained Obinna.

The president also called him by his name and he was surprised that people know him.  

Have you ever met your celebrity crush? 

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