Why 'water-lover' Obinna didn't shower today

Today is world water day

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

In today's morning kiss show, Kwambox reminded Obinna that it is World Water Day.

What is world water day?

Kwambox explained that this celebration happens every year to raise awareness for the people who are living without access to safe water. 


The celebration advocates for the development, sustainability, and importance of freshwater sources. 

She asked Obinna if he knew that the water he drinks is just tap water that is bottled. 

"I don't care they write there bottled water from the spring, from the source," said Obinna.


Kwambox continued to explain that at least 40% of Kenyans do not have access to safe drinking water. 

She also shared that the Nairobi governor, Sakaja voiced that the water available is only enough for Nairobi city.  

"Sakaja said that in Nairobi the water that is accessible is only enough for the city, so what about outside the city?" she asked.  

She went ahead to say that in her rural area when you go to the river you will find someone washing their clothes, someone cleaning their motorbike, another one showering and then there is someone fetching water to drink.

"There is no access to clean water," Kwambox vented. 

According to the UN Water Conference, back in 2015 they made a promise that everyone would have clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

They also urged that people should watch how they consume and manage water in order to make a change in the community.

The conference stated that the government cannot be the only ones responsible for proper sanitation. 

Charity begins at home.

The UN conference will launch the "Water Action Agenda" which will unite people who are committed to solving the water crisis. 

As the hosts were closing up on the topic Obinna revealed how he has been playing his part to conserve water for today's World Water Day celebration.  

"Today is world water day, that is why I did not take a shower, I'm saving the water," he mentioned. 

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