Oga Obinna

Obinna has given a list of people you should avoid dating. On the Morning Kiss, the presenter highlighted the list of people with the career they work in.

"If you can avoid dating these people, the better, they can make your life a living hell," he said.



"The teachers will want to punish you all the time, unless you are into such games," he explained

The HR

The presenter said people working in human resources are unpredictable.


"You never know if they are real or not. They will smile with you today and are planning to fire you tomorrow. They can smile at you now and have already drafted your firing letter. You might be in a relationship with HR and have already gotten your replacement and they are there telling you how they love you," he said.


Insurance Agents

"You don't know what they are planning with their life cover. They look at you and say 'I can cash in anytime I want." 


"People who play two songs perpendicular and they gel very well, leave."

He went on to name other careers like Comedians, models, and slay queens.

He said the police officers are the perfect people to date.

"People perfect to date are the police. Because all the time wanataka tu kukushika," he concluded.