Kumbe! Ruiru man finds out wife is cheating with pastor

Teddy caught his wife cheating on him with a pastor

Kwambox and Obinna

In today's morning kiss conversation, Obinna narrated a situation whereby a husband in Ruiru caught his wife cheating with the pastor. 

Teddy, the husband, caught his wife red-handed through her phone messing around with a certain Reverend who ministers in Ruiru.   

"He discovered that his wife has been getting Divine intervention from the pastor," said Obinna. If you know you know.


He goes ahead to explain how the husband was able to get into the wife's WhatsApp and saw the chats between her and Lucas.

"The guy somehow was able to access the wife's WhatsApp and found conversations with the pastor," Obinna shared.

For Kwambox this did not seem strange seeing that there are many people showing others how to hack their partner's phone. 


Obinna continued sharing that the conversations that Teddy saw shocked him to the point he took screenshots of everything and posted it on Facebook.  

In those chats, the wife was telling the pastor how she has been denying her husband conjugal rights.   

"When your person is taken by the pastor what do you do, do you decide to let them go, do you confront the man of the cloth, do you confront your person, who do you fight with?" Obinna questioned.

Hii imeenda.

Kwambox expressed how she was disappointed by the pastor's behavior given that he should be leading by example.   

"That person is a wolf in sheep's clothing," she stated.

Obinna decided to warn pastors telling them that they need to be careful when dealing with people's wives or even women.

One could end up in an embarrassing situation over something that could have been avoided. 

Imagine being exposed as a pastor because you slept with someone's wife?

Kwambox wanted to know what it is that women find so attractive about pastors and to this Obinna responded with "vile anaslap Bibilia"

"Is he a man of the cloth or man of without cloth?" Obinna joked.

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