Obinna divulges tricks Nairobi conmen use

The Kiss FM presenter even went further to explain the old tricks that were used in the past

Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

This morning Kwambox and Obinna were addressing the issue of smart thieves and the different ways in which they use to trap Kenyans.

Obinna started off by explaining the tricks that were used back in the days and how the conmen have now advanced.  

"Nairobi sana sana kitambo it was the pata potea and then it came to the simcard line," he said. 


The "pata potea" method is through the card games that one sees happening in town.

Normally the person leading the game promises an amount of money for what seems like an easy bet, until it is not. 

They let you win the first few games, this will push you to place an even bigger bet, you are confident now and them boom! 


Obinna then narrated the current way in which conmen are now getting to people.

An old person greats you and that is when the lights go out.

By the time you are regaining consciousness, you do not know where you are, you do not have any money or your phone or other valuables. 

High chances a substance going by the name "chloroform" is what you were on. 

It is a liquid substance that easily evaporates into gas and could harm your nervous system as well as cause cancer. 

He continued by saying that some of the elderly's you see in town have a cloth with them, and when they pass near you that is the last thing you will recall.  

"In Nairobi run away if someone even shakes your hands," Obinna warned. 

To him that does not mean being disrespectful rather it means passing your greetings without any contact as you mind your own business.

The conmen mostly use oldies to fulfill this very trick. He adds another tactic is the use of physically challenged people.

They ask you for help and the next thing you hear is someone wailing accusing you of stepping on them.

"Do you know what happens to you when you are caught in town having stepped on a physically challenged person?" Obinna questioned. 

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

He finished off by urging people to be careful when using the stretches that are archives, Mr. price and ambassador. 

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