Dating in the office!? Obinna and Kwambox debate

The two presenters were heavily against the idea

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

In today's morning show, Obinna and Kwambox were on the case of office baes and how they can disrupt people's relationships.  

They were conversing on how the weather has suddenly changed and reminding people to keep warm but not through people's partners. 

"If I came to the office and I didn't carry a sweater and it is raining can you give me yours I go home with it or your girlfriend will be mad?" Kwambox asked.


Obinna the faithful man did not even hesitate to say no. 

"When you came to the office you didn't know it is cold?" he responded. 

He continued by explaining that you will be asked a lot of questions when you get back to the house.


"I gave you a sweater and you gave it away, let me pack for you another one pia hiyo ukapeane," he mimicked.

Kwambox reminded Kenyans that dating within the workplace is not encouraged.

This is because of the downsides it can come with and the place should be considered to be strictly professional.

Although this is true and it has been advised so many times Obinna could not help but wonder does it work though?

Do people not have office baes?

He explained how it used to be bestie bestie and now it is office baby. 

Obinna continued to talk about how people can get home from work in a bad mood and you think you are the reason but it's their office baby. 

He explained how some of these office girlfriends lament over how their other girlfriend made the food not knowing it is going to be for two.

"You babes and guys in the office respect that person, that is somebody's person," Kwambox voiced. 

Obinna finished off by advising Kenyans to treasure their partners when they are at home because when they leave ana mwingine.

When Bensoul said Nairobi is a big bedroom he was not joking. 

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