Kwambox and Obinna

Kiss FM's newest presenter Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox has given an update after hosting her first show on the station.

Kwambox made her debut on The Morning Kiss on Monday, February 6, 2023, hosting the breakfast show alongside Oga Obinna.

Speaking about her first experience on Kiss FM, Kwambox admitted that she was nervous but she is on a journey to grow as a broadcaster.

“Today was my first day on the #MorningKiss #KwamboxandObinna and I was nervous. Did you listen in? Could you tell? Anyway, I love it. I am ready to grow as a broadcaster. Watch me grow! #PiuPiu #Kapooow,” Sheila Kwamboka shared.

Before the show, Sheila penned down a powerful message- touching on her evolution as a person.

“I am an ever-evolving being. The memories you have of me are just but a moment in time. Today I am new. So whoever you are holding onto darling I am not her. Today I am new,” she wrote.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Kwambox said she was bringing her A game to Kiss FM she is ready for the new challenge.

She went on to expound that;

"My season for whatever I was doing previously had come to an end and I was preparing for the next season.

"And I had taken a lot of reflection and introspection to stay come for the next thing. And when this opportunity came because I was so still I knew it was the journey because of how calm I was. Plus I wanted to be able to speak to a bigger audience."

She also spoke about how excited she was when she learnt that she would be joining Kiss FM.

"I am excited since I grew up watching this brand and the fact that I am here, I am super excited. I have seen so many brands grow on Kiss while growing up and that is big," she said adding that before the news went out, she had already signed the contract.

Asked if she is a morning person, Kwambox said she functions very well in the early morning.

"I am very active and I function well in the morning. There are people who function well in the morning."

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