Kwambox reveals what prompted her move to Kiss FM

The radio host voiced her excitment as sbe highlighted she was ready for a bigger audience

Sheila Kwambox and Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM

Kiss FM's new breakfast host Sheila Kwamboka better known as Kwambox, has come in with a whole lot of energy and we love it!

Her move elicited a lot of mixed reactions from fans, both hers and a recent interview with Mpasho, Kwambox revealed that it was already time for change and she was honoured to host the Kiss FM show.

Talking about her move she revealed that she always plans her life and even before the contract she knew it was time for change.

Speaking on what moved her to sign with Kiss the hype lady said, "My season for whatever I was doing previously had come to an end and I was preparing for the next season.

And I had taken a lot of reflection and introspection to stay come for the next thing. And when this opportunity came because I was so still I knew it was the journey because of how calm I was. 

Plus I wanted to be able to speak to a bigger audience."

On whether she is a morning person... seeing as the show begins at 6 in the am thus wake up time ought to be like 5 am the energetic radio host said:

"There are people who function better in the morning and I am one of them... Even in school, I was never one of those people who used to trans-night and stuff even if I hadn't read for the exam.

I function better in the morning honestly, when it gets to mid-hours or the afternoon I already feel lethargic."

Speaking about her signature "Kapow" move and if she'll be bringing it to the Kiss DM studios, the media personality highlighted that the move is her trademark some way lions are known for roaring and anywhere she goes, it goes.

On what it means she said:

"When you hear it you know it is time for action, time to get up kick those duvets away, and show up! Put your best foot forward! It is time for energy, no complaining." 

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