Why do politician's offices have dramatic furniture, Obinna

The wood work is crafted in a curvy design with flowers on the head rest

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

In today's morning Kiss, Obinna was seeking to understand why politicians' offices have dramatic furniture. 

This came up as he was looking at Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua's office photos and he noticed it was full of furniture. 

"Why have dramatic seats? It is too much, and the furniture has some type of design," said Obinna.

For him, a Black and white interior would fit just fine, simple yet elegant. 

"Why can't the place just have black and white furniture?" he asked.

Kwambox then explained that that is the Deputy President's office and it needs to look dramatic to differentiate it from any other office.

Well, she got that right.

The deputy's office is situated in Harambee House Annex and it has a wooden rustic feel.

A full-set glass table is placed at the center of the room with white patterned seats that are mostly two-seaters surrounding it.  

One table stool holds a flower pot while the other holds three landlines.  

The chairs have a high back end and are curved inwards at the edges.

The woodwork is crafted in a curvy design with flowers on the headrest.

The seats are then cleaned off with varnish to make them shiny. 

This type of furniture is mostly found in our grandparent's houses. 

In one corner there is a wooden stand for his coats, with the Kenyan flag next to it.  

On the walls, which have a different shade of brown, there is a photo of the president, William Ruto, and his on the other end. 

Riggy G has a big block of rectangular curved wood for a desk with a high back-end red seat. 

All this came from Obinna's curiosity about why Rigthi arrived at the office at 5 am on Monday.

He also made sure to announce that today he arrived at 7 am.

Kwambox insinuated that he must have been early because of maandamano.

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