Kwambox, Obinna weigh in after Tyrese's lover confessed she was initially 'interested' in Paul Walker

A video surfaced of actor Tyrese Gibson's girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, saying he was not her first choice.

Kwambox and Obinna
Image: Instagram

This morning Obinna and Kwambox were debating on whether people out here are dating their type or not.

The person you are with, are you dating them because they are your type or are you settling?

Obinna explained that by settling he meant that someone was not your first choice.

He went on saying maybe the person gives you money or your parents are hinting at marriage, but if one would have had a choice they would have married their sister. 

Kwambox countered him saying that there could be other reasons leading to one not dating their type.

Maybe it is because you cannot get to your crush, this is where she disclosed that Michael B Jordan is her crush. 

She also voiced that the person you are with could be persistent, or they found you when you had given up.

The conversation that was posted on Kiss 100's Twitter page was brought up after a video surfaced of the actor Tyrese Gibson's girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, saying he was not her first choice. 

The couple was doing a live video answering the question "how they first met"

Zelie shared that Tyrese was not his first pick and that initially, she was interested in the actor Paul Walker. 

"He wasn't my type at all, my type is actually Paul Walker," the girlfriend said.

On hearing this he got aggravated and did not want to do the live video anymore.

In the video, he can be heard constantly repeating the words "Don't touch me, this is going bad"

"I don't know why he is mad and she is telling the truth," shared Kwambox.

She continued to say that not every couple that is together were each other's first choice. 

"Do you think every couple that is together was thinking of each other, you just happened to be in my life."

Even though, Obinna did not think it was best to tell it out like that, to make it worse during a live video. 

He went ahead stating that even men do not date their type, sometimes they take one for the team. 

"Ladies, why do you think your man is cheating? It is because you're not his first choice. When a guy finds the lady they want they don't cheat, men don't cheat."

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