Oga Obinna
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Radio host Obinna and Kwambox were discussing on what grounds would one tattoo a lover's, parents', or sibling's name on their body.

“Would you tattoo someone's name?” Kwambox asked Obinna.

The man without a doubt would put a mark on his body for his loved ones.

“Yes, I will tattoo someone I love, I'd put their name on my body, he stated.

He went on to say that one of the perks of having a tattoo of someone’s name on his body is that it halts him from making a mistake that will in turn disappoint the other party.

For Obinna, it does not matter if the sweet gesture is not reciprocated. 

It is a way for him to express his love and the other does not have to do it the way he does it.

In the case that the partner cheats, the handsome host he will be left with a feeling of regret, but si it is what it is?

 All this led him to disclose that he has a tattoo of a loved one. 

“Me I have a tattoo of my kids on my body.”

 A situation was then narrated by Kwambox where a couple booked a slot to have their couple's tattoos done.

The lady, who went first, got hers done but the boyfriend requested for it to be postponed to tomorrow.

Excuses kept on arising on the man’s side and when the lady confronted him about it he said he was allergic to ink.

She also narrated another scenario that happened when she was in high school.

A certain group of best friends decided to mark their relationships with tattoos.

A year later Kwambox ran into one of the girls and she noticed a scar on the lady’s hand where the tattoo placement was. 

According to Kwambox, this is a friendship that ended sourly.

That's what I like about men, we fist bump and we leave it at love,” Obinna commented.

The duo mentioned a couple of celebrities that have had tattoos done in honour of each other;

Actress Frida Kajala and Tanzanian artist Harmonize who recently broke up in late 2022 had tattoos of each other's name initials  

Singer Jhene Aiko has a face tattoo of her baby daddy, Big Sean.

 Soulja Boy has a tattoo of Blac Chyna, this was when they were together in 2019.

With all these examples Kwambox wondered how one gets to the point of making a mark in their body to express their love for the other. 

 “What would make you tattoo someone's name on your body?"

She continued to say that she finds it weird when she comes across someone with their mother's or sister's name tattooed on their chest.

 “Sisters? heeh these ones can do you dirty ushangae hizi ni nini sasa,” voiced Obinna.

 He went ahead to warn Kenyans to be very wary of where they put tattoos of people's names on their bodies.

This is to avoid being misunderstood.

 “Imagine you put your dad’s name on your lower back and they are called Kevo,” he closed off.

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