Obinna and Chito discuss legality of kerosene in school food

If you went to public schools or even some private ones then this is no new news to you.

Obinna and Chito
Image: Instagram

Obinna and Chito discussed whether it was illegal for school cooks to add kerosene to food.

If you went to public schools or even some private ones then this is no new news to you.

You probably consumed a lot of other things apart from kerosene, like weevils which were said to be very nutritious. 


Good times those ones weren't they?

First and foremost Chito wanted to know if it has been scientifically proven that adding kerosene to food can affect one's life. 

"Me, I want to see if there is any scientific evidence, has kerosene affected anyone's life?"   


At this point, Obinna felt as if the man was "thinking like a lantern" a reference he used due to all the kerosene he felt Chito had consumed.

Chito then continued to say that if it had caused any harm there are many schools that would have been sued.

This could also result in the product being discontinued from being used in that manner. 

"Was it legal?" Obinna asked to which Chito countered with "Was it illegal?"

Obinna then went ahead to say that it is illegal for one to consume kerosene.

He seems to think that it was a plan orchestrated to reduce the population.

"Of course, it is illegal, who eats kerosene, those people wanted to kill us, it was a plan," he mentioned. 

The government is very active when it comes to health hazards and Chito, they would have taken it up upon themselves if it was wrong.  

The matter was posted on Kiss social media platforms and this is what some of the commentators from Twitter had to say;

@JeffNgoima: Githeri had the smell of kerosene and we were told it lowers libido.

@Deadghost070: It had no effect whatsoever except maybe an increase in the chances of us having some kind of cancer.

@CMwombe: These kids of nowadays will never understand the sweetness of this food, unakula the first plate you go for seconds, tumbo sasa inaguruma ka petrol station but we survived.

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