During the morning talk show this morning, Kwambox shared her oldest memory of being alive while Chito was still trying to remember. 

The conversation came up after actor Nicholas Cage shared he remembers being in his mother's womb.

Kwambox asked Chito what the oldest memory he has of being alive while giving a backstory of the actor.


Chito made fun of the actor's story saying there must be 'jaba' in the States and gave other funny memories people say.

Kwambox joined in making fun and also sharing she asked someone she was with and they said they remembered opening their eyes for the first time.

The answer left Kwambox wondering what her earliest memory was. She then revealed that she was leaving the hospital with her mum.


She asked Chito again and Chito shared how he also asked a person the same question and it was a traumatic incident.

Following Chito's narrative, Kwambox shared how she also asked two colleagues the same question.

One shared they remember being two years old at a party and their uncle was drunk and hit her mum.

The other person was also 2 years old and at a party remembered her dad and uncle fighting.

They concluded that these old memories are either traumatic or very happy.

Watch the clip below: