During the morning talk show, Chito and Kwambox discussed their point of view concerning celebrities being almost nude on stage.

Chito started the conversation by asking, "Do women have to dress like that on stage?"

Kwambox explained it is a worldwide phenomenon and how nowadays if you want to advertise your products like shoes.


You will have to get curvy women "alafu unamvalisha just a bit" and they take videos and "viatu zinasonga", adding, "You think I want to show nudity, I want to sell shoes."

Chito shared how he has seen Kwambox on stage and she has never " lot on imagination."

Kwambox shared how she is afraid to go on stage because "watu wataniambia nimvaa nguo mingi sana."

Kwambox argued the MC is just there to create the mood and no need to be almost nude.

" I think times are changing and clothes nobody needs changing come as you are," she added.

From Chito's perspective, "Guys I feel like we are losing the art."

Kwambox named Sanaipei Tande saying she should pay the photographer and clear whatever beef they have.

She also added she didn't have a problem when ladies dressed like that but even guys are doing it nowadays.

But for Kwambox don't expect it from her and Chito urges they bring back the art.