German-born left-handed fencer Alexandra Ndolo who competes for Kenya was a guest on the morning show and shared her journey in the niche sport.

Chito shared he was aware of what fencing was from a friend of his while Kwambox knew from some movies she had watched.

After Kwambox introduced Alexandra to the show, Chito asked her the name of the swords they used to play the game.


Alexandra said they are called "epe" which is a French word and French is the official language in fencing.

"There is also a saber and foil. There are three different weapons," Ndolo added.

She also explained more about the weapons and how they come from different types of armies.


"How did you get into this sport? Kwambox asked.

Ndolo explained that she has an older sister five years apart who played the sport and her mum told the older sister to tag along with her and she ended up liking the sport.

Alexandra shared that fencers usually start at the age of seven but she professionally started when she was 21.

Watch the full interview below: