In the morning show, Chito shared how he was approximated to be a Gen Z but Kwambox was in contrast.

"It's so good to see you I haven't you since high school," Kwambox shared her story adding the guy looked like he was in his 50s.

Kwambox said that the guy "Amejiachilia" used to be skinny and it would leave people wondering "Is this Kwambox's classmate."

Chito shared his narrative saying how he looks at some of his age mates and he is like "Ghaai."

Additionally, there was a time he was in a panel and did not how the conversation led to them talking about their ages.

Chito says he was approximated to be Gen Z while others though he is a millennial.

Kwambox in contrast gave a few ideas as to why they approximated he is a Gen Z suggesting the audiences were blind or deaf or they owed Chito money and they don't know Gen Z's meaning.