Today, the Breakfast Show hosts had an interesting conversation over a viral video where a person unsuspectedly bought Unga that turned out to be dust. 

Chito shared the story and Kwambox said she had seen the shocking video.

She questioned if it was real or just people who were trying to trend " How do you go to the supermarket and buy a packet of unga and not notice this is cement inside cement?"

Chito added that the cement and flour weight differ and also smell different - wondering how the person who bought the alleged -cement-flour' fell for the trap.

Chito also shared another incident where a person bought a "mitumba bale" and found it was just Japanese flags inside.

Kwambox chipped saying "Ata afadhali ule mwenye ali order akapata viatu zote ni za left."

She shared her incident also saying these bales are "Pata potea" you never know what's inside.

The narrative was about a lady who bought "these things for Muslim ladies' hijabs and.. "and they were all size 60, the lady asked around if they knew anyone who was size 60.

Someone felt sorry for her and bought the whole bale and she almost made a triple profit.

Kwambox and Chito went on to call up their listeners to always be vigilant whenever they are buying something.