Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

During today's morning Kiss, Chito and Kwambox spoke on a recent revelation by Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, that her hubby the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua had chased her for 6 months.

"So apparently Riggy G fuatad her for 6 months! The guy used to show up at her hostel. Mpaka she had to switch hostels, move around. But when I ask myself...Especially if I was talking to my younger self, I would consider that harassment," he said.

"But sincerely even you if you're being hit by a person who looks like Riggy G," he finished.


For her part, Kwambox said that there was a moral to the story that she had gleaned. "Lazima ukuwe na patience. Not, 'We kwenda I will replace you with another person!' You see how long that relationship has lasted," she noted.

Before adding, "I kind of envy our parents because courtship was something. Nowadays you are being told 'This gender this, This gender that.' We tafuta mtu."


Watch the video below: