Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

Today's morning Kiss featured the interesting topic of biryani. Yes, Kwambox had a fascinating insight to give Kenyans on food and used the much-loved rice dish as an example.

"Hiyo biryani ya Kenya ni fake," she started.

"What! Si we have been eating it since independence?" Chito opined.


"Fellow Kenyans nobody likes our food. I grew up in this country and guys act like Royco is a top-tier spice. 

Ati is top tier. I think our food is boring. The reason I think our food is boring is that us guys want to be healthy. You don't have pips snacking. You wake up at 3 and look in the fridge and find githeri that is frozen. Nobody tries to eat it. No one does that," she explained.

She then went on to state how our traditional food kept us in shape.


"That's why us guys were fit. Kitambi was a thing of honour. It was one guy who had it. Your honour. Now it's everybody because we were starting to move away from the boring food."

Kwambox then revealed how the biryani we eat is different from the one in India.

"Biryani yetu ni fake. I was watching this YouTuber who had been to Kenya and loved his experience. Now he's in India."

At that point, Chito started laughing as he could most likely anticipate what was coming from his co-host.

"He just had to go to India after Kenya," he interjected.

Before Kwambox went on to say, "When he tasted the biryani, the YouTuber asked what the hell Kenyans were actually eating."

Chito agreed and even regaled Kwambox with his own experience eating biryani made by an Kenyan of Indian origin.

"If you have ever eaten biryani from your Indian homies, it tastes absolutely different. I don't know what they put in their biryani..." he stated.

"Before you start feeling bad that, 'Ati our food is bad!' Relax your nyash. Food is fuel and our food is fuel," she finished.

Watch the video below: