Kwambox and Chito
Image: Instagram

On today's show, Kwambox brought up an interesting case study about a case involving a certain prisoner abroad.

"A man (let's call him Dave) was serving a prison sentence. You are never coming out. He was vile of the vile.

He said, 'Fine, I will serve it out.' Then you feed me until I die. Electricity is on you. Jokes on you," she began.


"While he was there he died. But the doctor wouldn't allow him to die so he could finish his prison sentence. He did CPR on him and brought him back to life," she added.

"Wah! He brought him back to life! Me, I would smack you! Sikudanganyi! I would punch you," Chito interjected.

Kwambox then went on to reveal the craziest part of the story saying,


"Imagine this guy did it on purpose. After he was brought back he said he was 'good' when the doctor asked him.

He was so good that he started filing that his life sentence needed to be scrapped cause he died and came back.

Before you laugh at him I would love to hear what the lawyers say about cause he did die."

Kwambox then said she understood the guy's plight and thought process.

"I can completely understand the guy. Huyu doctor na kiherehere yake. 'Who told you to bring me back?' So do you think this guy has a valid reason?"

"Yes! Yes!" Chito agreed immediately.

Watch the video clip below: