Young people are reporting feelings of depression as early as age 13, which is concerning for their mental health.

Kwambox questioned what could be causing such distress in kids at such a young age.

She recalled her own experience at that age and couldn't pinpoint anything that was depressing her.

During the morning show, one audience member suggested that peer pressure could be a leading cause of depression in kids.

Many children today desire expensive items to fit in with their peers, regardless of their parents' financial situation.

Additionally, early exposure to social media platforms exposes kids to online attacks and bullying, contributing to their feelings of depression.

Body shaming is another factor leading to depression in kids. If children are not comfortable with their appearance, it can lead to psychological issues and self-hatred as they try to change themselves to fit societal standards.

Toxic parenting practices also play a role in children's depression. Fear of speaking up about their problems due to strict parenting can worsen their mental health.

One fan expressed, "Parents also contribute to children's depression because they can be very harsh."

Unresolved traumas like assault or rape can further lower a victim's self-esteem and lead to depression and suicidal thoughts, especially if societal criticism prevents them from seeking help or justice.

Finally, romantic entanglements among young kids can also trigger depression, particularly when they struggle to handle rejection and feel unloved.