Kwambox and Kerry Martin

Kwambox: What is that thing that you did that made you get a beating of your life from your parents?

On the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry they were flashing back onto their childhood memories when their parents gave them a beating of their life for something mischievous they had done.

“I stole my mum’s credit card nikaenda shopping spree, so it was those times credit card haitaji pin, ilikuwa you swipe and you bounce, sasa mimi nikachukua hio credit card ata am sure mum is litening right now namkumbusha tu,” Kerry said.

“Nikaenda shopping now I bought myself shoes, there is this babe I used to like, nikamwambia let’s go to the movies, what do you want? you want caramel, salted, buttered or what kind of popcorn get it! Tukimaliza let’s go have lunch, I spoil you, vile mum alifind out eeh nilipigwa, nilitandikwa.”

Kerry made fun of how he cried until he ran out of breath because of the beating he was given by his mum.

According to Kwambox her stories were numerous and she didn’t know where to start from. She disclosed that she was so mischievous when she was young, so she always landed into trouble.