During our childhood, many of us have experienced strange punishments from our parents that we might find hard to forget.

These punishments might have been unusual, unconventional, or even bizarre in some cases.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Andrew Kibe shared how his father treated him when he was a child.


Kibe recounted a memory from his childhood where his father would return home from his errands and demand that Kibe take off his socks.

Kibe expressed his frustration and disappointment with these incidents, which left him feeling displeased and uncomfortable.

The comments speculated leading to this conversation, with Chito and Kwambox sharing their experiences.


"Enyewe some parents make you do things which they think is punishment," but they are questionable.

Kwamboks opened the conversation by asking Chito about his experience with such weird doings.

Chito's dad would ask him to make tea when he said goodnight. "The moment you say goodnight aah si you go cook for me chai."

It came to a point where Chito would avoid saying goodnight to avoid being asked to prepare tea.

The following day his dad would then ask him, "Young man, why didn't you say goodnight?"

Chito disliked the experience and suggested that his dad make the tea while he watched the news.

Kwambox was also a victim of her mum saying most parents have the character where after they're from work and get settled you get to be "the help."

Kwambox narrated how she'd be in her room upstairs listening to music or doing whatever and her mum would call for her, thinking it an emergency she'd run only to get there and her mum telling her to pass the remote which is just next to her.

"Now this is what I do to my nieces, I have to pass it down. Thank you," Kwambox added saying she's still a cool auntie.

Holla us! Please feel free to share any unpleasant experiences that your parents may have made you endure.