Have you ever been in a situation where someone you know got mad at you for asking who they are on a call?

It can be frustrating and confusing when someone reacts negatively to a simple question like that.

During the Maloko Kiss show, which is broadcast from 7 pm to 10 pm, Muchina Malomba and Cyd Wambui had a conversation about the topic.


They delved into why some individuals might react in a certain way regarding this topic.

Touching on the topic that Muchina initiated, " "Let's say if  I'm talking to you, you call me yes. I probably lost your number or I deleted it, the truth is I deleted it. Then you'd be like ni nani? Ninani.

I think you'd get mad at me, Ati you are asking me ni nani? Kwani hunijui?What do you mean?"


Cyd shared her experience of being one of the people who asked the question. "Who's this? I get that a lot and sometimes I'm like yeah I deleted your number. Yeah, I did. Without impunity. I did. Now tell me what you want right now.

If I'm asking you who you are it's because I lost your number, tell me who you are we move on," Muchina supported.

According to the duo, the current issue at hand may not be a significant concern, given that individuals are already dealing with a multitude of challenges.

Suggesting that if one finds themselves to be a victim, simply responding to the question and moving forward may be the most effective course of action.

If you were to fall prey to such a situation, how would you react?

Or maybe you've already been in a similar situation - how did you handle it? Share your experiences with us!

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