During Today's Morning Show  Chito  and Sheila Kwambox discussed universities forcing students to attend church and pray, asking listeners their take on the issue.

Chito started the topic following Nyali MP Mohamed Ali, popularly known as Jicho Pevu tweeted about Daystar  University forcing their students to attend chapels.

The MP was addressing the Minister of Education who was called into parliament.


Leaving alone the issue of LGBTQ Kwambox and Chito focused on being forced to pray case.

Responding to the matter the Minister said that constitutionally every human has a right to worship however they want to worship, to force someone is not right.

"What are your thoughts on this?" Kwambox asked.


In response to the question, Chito being an alumnus of the University firstly goes back to MP Ali Mohammed's tweet, Chito thinks there are more important things than putting the country into an undertone of a religious war.

Chito said Mohamed Ali being the MP of Nyali there are so many drug cases, "let us talk about laws over there" instead of almost getting the country into an undertone of religious war.

Secondly, international laws allow a parent or a guardian to decide whether their child should be associated with a moral or Christian upbringing.

Giving an example Chito shared he had conversed with girls who went to a Muslim school and weren't allowed to rock up their hair they had to wear a hijab.

 In conclusion, Chito said according to him whichever institution you go to, follow the rules and regulations there.

If you missed the morning show, does it make sense? Do you agree with this?