Chito Ndlovu
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Breakups occur in intimate relationships, friendships, and parent-child connections when there is any form of disrespect.

Most people in relationships believe that this is one of the things that cannot be forgiven.

Let's talk about relationships in general and specifically discuss dating wealthy partners in particular.


"Na hii uchumi" means that no matter how much disagreement arises, no one will leave a wealthy partner.

However, there are instances when this individual does something that you just can't stand and you decide to end things.

This was the subject of conversation with Chito Ndlovu on the Morning Kiss. Asking a question that involved interaction with the audience,


"If you were blessed with the opportunity of dating a rich guy's kid, what would be your reason for dumping them, if by any chance you do dump them?"

Leaving the child of a rich guy? Indeed, that is the query.

As people made a concerted effort to voice their ideas, the topic generated a range of conflicting responses.

Some disqualified themselves from dating "Rich Kids" due to personal experiences or things they saw in other individuals.

Those who participated in the discussion made the argument that they would end a relationship soon due to disrespect (of any kind).

Some gave the following reasons for ending a relationship: infidelity, quality time, and lack of affection.

Here are some of the comments;

Kipkemoi Comedianno no I can't dare to do do instead I will do anything commanding me to do even to wash her inner clothes, because after all iam the beneficiary of that chance.

Dorcas BebbzRichness and love are two different can't stay in an abusive marriage just because you married a rich person....that's not me....

Çãströh WëslêyNo reason would make me leave her,...we argue and solve shiets again together and our love life goes on.

Otunuya Ani-NdokwaIs dating someone at first "supposed to be like a career? Or a poverty elevation scheme? u are dating a guy because u want to date him, u have seen all the qualifies u do incline & associated with, not because of his financial status or that of his parents...

Emmah OmedoDisrespect and much as money is involved peace of mind muhimu bana once your mental health is tampered're done.

Joseph MathengeMoney and love those are two different things.