Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today’s Morning Kiss with Kerry Martin he tackled out a family confession whereby a lady had been impregnated by the uncle.

“My friend told me this story and I was shocked, apparently she has a cousin older than her who years back she went to stay with their married aunt, at that time their auntie had one kid a girl, living there her cousin got pregnant and gave birth,” the lady on the voice note said.

The confession further went


“After like two years she got pregnant again and people started talking about the resemblance of the kid to the uncle, it turned she got pregnant for the uncle and it became a big family issue. Although the family decided to do away with the whole story.”

According to the voice note the girl who got pregnant for the uncle is currently married and raising the uncle’s kid with the husband.

A fan commented and said it’s no longer funny how people easily do away with such cases while the culprits should be serving a jail term for molesting a young innocent girl.