Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive
Image: KISS FM

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive they discussed an incident where a kid was expelled from school for being HIV positive.

According to Mwalimu Rachel, the act of expelling the kid was unfair and illegal.

In return, the mother of the kid was awarded Sh400,000 for discrimination and an additional Sh250,000 for the suffering caused by the school to her child. 


“It’s very unfortunate for such a case to still be news in the 21st century where we know about HIV and how people are living with it and all the steps that the government has made in the right directing to make sure people understand that having the disease is not the end of the world,” Xclusive said.

“Huyu kama ni mtoto maybe alizaliwa nayo, so we can’t have schools discriminating especially on such an issue.”

According to Mwalimu Rachel if it was her child she could be very hurt as a mother.

The fact that the mother had accepted only 10,000 for compensation shows that maybe the family is not that well off.