Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they discussed how ladies use body enhancements to make their bodies look more attractive.

“Is that your bum bum? It is fake, it is counterfeit,” Xclusive told Mwalimu Rachel.

After Xclusive’s accusation towards Mwalimu Rachel, she defended herself by saying it is just the same way men go buy a shirt and women want to go and enhance their bodies, so she doesn’t see it as a big deal.

“Mwalimu if you see me with a shirt then nitoe hio shirt ukute nilivaa kitu ikona mablada inaonyesha ni kama nikona chest, si utasema hiyo ni fake chest,” Xclusive asked Mwalimu Rachel.

In response to Xclusive’s question Mwalimu Rachel said she doesn’t see anything wrong with ladies wanting more.

According to Xclusive, ladies have been left to explore all body enhancements like push-up bras, and padded bras and now they are going for padded butts which according to Xclusive is so unbelievable.

Mwalimu Rachel then said that there are certain outfits that she wants to fit her body well, so the only way they can fit perfectly is by using body enhancements such as fake butts.

“At the end of the day there is a certain dress that I need it to fit me in a certain way and am just lacking a little bit here and there,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

According to Xclusive, the government is imposing higher taxes on cosmetics to make ladies retain their natural looks.

Mwalimu Rachel on the other hand feels like it’s like a punishment to have worked hard so that she can afford all those body enhancement products only for the government to later impose higher taxes on them making the products more expensive.