Kwambox and Kerry Martin

Kiss FM's Kwambox and Kerry Martin played a voice note of a lady confessing she has fallen for her friend’s boyfriend and she is not ready to let go of him.

“Hey Kwambox and Kerry please hide my ID, so now nikona storo, my bestie the other day wanted me to test her boyfriend if given a chance he can cheat on her weeh. Test ilikuwa nihit up his dm, flirt flirt kidogo kidogo tuarrange a date then tuende date turudi alfu ishe,” the lady from the voice note said.

“Nikaingia dm vibe ikaingiana, mahesabu ikaingia, tukaenda date and let me tell you that was the beginning of something heeh!, yani aii I have come to enjoy that man yani he so amazing,he listens to me, he has an amazing heart yani imefika place adi am avoiding my bestie.”

According to the voice note the lady has reached a point where she just wants to part ways with the bestie so that she can have her man.

Kerry shared his thoughts and said that ladies should not test their man’s loyalty at any cost in a relationship.