Kwambox and Kerry Martin

The Morning Kiss hosts Kwambox and Kerry had an interesting yet shocking discussion on infidelity in relationships.

This was prompted by a caller who confessed that his partner had been cheating on him

Kerry’s take was that cheating partners should be disciplined for their actions.

One of the fans disclosed an encounter through a voice note that was played during the show and said “Manze nikona story Fulani hapa, I hope mutahide ID yangu manze. Nimekuwa na dem yangu hapa, nimeakaa na yeye sai tuseme ni third year na manze nime notice juzi anadate manzee sponyo.”

“Mimi ni kitu nilikuwa nimeshuku for a while but sasa juzi nikatumia ujanja yangu manze nikajua, nikaprove bado nikona evidence na nimeeka pahali. So mimi nimeamua nitafanya hivi, juu birthday yake itakuwa sato next week weekend nataka nimpeleke Friday dinner alafu nimuache.”

From what was said in the voice note Kwambox was shocked that people were sending Kerry these voice notes.

According to Kerry cheating partners should be disciplined for their ill actions.

“I have been looking for a place just to talk about this, because this guy sent this voice note last week right before I joined the show and I saw this is the best platform to air it out so as to take people by surprise,” Kerry said.

According to Kerry’s statement, it means that the guy was going to execute his plan today.

“Kama ukona beshte na birthday yake ni leo mwambie …yooh!” Kwambox said.