Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On the morning show, Kwambox and Kerry Martin talked about the notion that successful people use “Ni God manzee” whether is it really God or there is something else behind the curtains that people don’t know.

“Ni God, have you ever spoken to successful people or people who have things, ni God amekam through, Sir Jah amemuonekania,” Kwambox said.

According to Kerry, there is someone who is living in an apartment and they own a Mercedes and they are not even a driver meaning there are some shady things they are doing that people aren’t aware of.

In response to Kerry's opinion, Kwambox said that Kerry usually tells her that everyone has their own preference and maybe that is the preference of that particular individual.

“So msee hawezi ishi Kibra na akuwe na Mercedes Benz,” Kwambox asked Kerry.

Kerry responded by saying that the person would be attracting thieves to attack the neighbours thinking that they have money.

Kwambox added to the conversation and said everything has a silver lining and in this case your lining is lesser than the owner of the Mercedes Benz so you should just let him be.