Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari has decided to publicly address the trending story of him receiving condoms in church.

Kanyari poured out his heart to Kenyans while asking for forgiveness on his tiktok page. 

He also defended the female tiktoker and asked Kenyans to forgive her too.

The controversial man of God claimed he had high blood pressure and was unable to sleep following the backlash from social media.

Pastor Kanyari wailed and lamented during his tiktok life, claiming he was distressed after being criticized for entertaining a woman who gifted him condoms in church. He went on defending himself asking for forgiveness.

During his tiktok Live, Kanyari wept as he wiped his tears to symbolize that he was really sorry for what happened and promised that it wouldn’t happen again.

“Niko na magari ziko nje, niko hapa nikona pressure, niko na mashamba ziko nje, niko hapa niko na pressure. Imefika masaa ya kulala silali niko hapa na pressure. Sitalala. Niko chini ya magoti nanyenyekea,” Pastor Kanyari said on his tiktok live.

He went on and said he was not aware of what was wrapped in the newspaper he was given by the female tiktoker.

“Mimi nimefanyia Mingu kazi for 30 years na sijawai ona kitu kama hio. Hakna mtu akoseangi, msichana alikosea na sikutaka kumpiga au kumtusi coz washirika wangempiga,” he said.

He went on and confessed that was the first time the lady was coming to his church.

“I’m sorry. Naomba mnisamehe kwa jambo lillotokea. Jambo kama hilo halitatokea tena,” Kanyari said.

Netizens seemed to have bought his story and some to have not.

“So innocent and humble we love you Pastor Kanyari,” a netizen said.

“You have done good to apologize pastor. That lady disrespected you and God. Thank you,” another netizen said.